**At the foot of Round Mountain, tucked in among the graceful Maples, sits a cozy brown house, smoke billows from the chimney eight months out of the year, a river rambles, sheep & Cows graze in the meadows and turkeys forage nearby. Here you will find me...surrounded by wool & cotton threads, hoops & needles on my lap & sketchpads scattered about.**
~A Winters' Night In Vermont~
"Dusk fell as snow lay thickly on the ground. A biting wind howled and hammered about, knocking on the old windows in the manner of a frozen weary traveler seeking shelter from the storm. Outside, muffled by the blanket of snow, a faint scraping sound could be heard as Robert did his best to keep a path open to the big red barn & woodshed- not an easy task in the fast-falling snow. Inside, all was cozy. The tree stood proudly in the corner, adorned simply with beeswax candles, dapper gingerbread men and strings of popcorn & cranberry. Candles flickered in the windows and a fire burned low in the fireplace. The old wood cook stove in the kitchen glowed warmly as the rich scents of simmering soup, baking bread and Christmas spices rose from within." ~ Doreen Frost

~Welcome. Grab yourself a nice warm mug of cocoa, settle in and stay a while. I'm so pleased to have you here.~

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

~Robins In Winter~

WINTER HAS RETURNED TO VERMONT.  Goode Snowy Wednesday to you.  It would seem, that winter has finally found it's way back to Vermont after an extended vacation.  It seemed our January thaw lasted the whole of January!!!  It was crazy weather indeed. But yesterday a nor'easter arrived ....with piles of sleet, blizzard winds, freezing rain and  snow heralding in a change in weather patterns (so they say)...and February might just be more winter~like with normal temperatures and lots of snow!!!  Our snowshoes are itching to be taken out!

Yesterday, while the snow & sleet danced about on the blizzard winds and tiny birds flung past our windows, I was snug inside by the wood stove; candles burning, soup simmering, Downton Abbey playing and my hoop & needle.
~Robins In Winter~

I love it when I start a project and right away the colors are right.  I always color plan a design, choosing certain colors before I begin punching, but often, once things start to take shape & I see the colors together...  I change them as the piece speaks to me.  This time..right from the start.....the colors are perfect!!!

This antique postcard was my inspiration for this piece...isn't it wonderful.

I'm off now to do a bit of paperwork and then spend the afternoon with my hoop & needle :) Lovely day's indeed.  Tonight..Knitting class

Hugs, doreen


  1. What a wonderful postcard! This Robyn loves anything with a robin on it...always have. Looking forward to seeing your finish.

  2. Goode afternoon Robyn :) Thank you so much for stopping by today. hugs, doreen

  3. What a beautiful blog! So glad to have found this and will enjoy reading past post and see what you have in the future. I love finding a blog like this with no ads and lots of good content. Keep up the good work.

    1. Greetings Mary and thank you SO MUCH! It is so lovely to meet you and I look forward to you visiting again. Take care, doreen


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