**At the foot of Round Mountain, tucked in among the graceful Maples, sits a cozy brown house, smoke billows from the chimney eight months out of the year, a river rambles, sheep & Cows graze in the meadows and turkeys forage nearby. Here you will find me...surrounded by wool & cotton threads, hoops & needles on my lap & sketchpads scattered about.**
~A Winters' Night In Vermont~
"Dusk fell as snow lay thickly on the ground. A biting wind howled and hammered about, knocking on the old windows in the manner of a frozen weary traveler seeking shelter from the storm. Outside, muffled by the blanket of snow, a faint scraping sound could be heard as Robert did his best to keep a path open to the big red barn & woodshed- not an easy task in the fast-falling snow. Inside, all was cozy. The tree stood proudly in the corner, adorned simply with beeswax candles, dapper gingerbread men and strings of popcorn & cranberry. Candles flickered in the windows and a fire burned low in the fireplace. The old wood cook stove in the kitchen glowed warmly as the rich scents of simmering soup, baking bread and Christmas spices rose from within." ~ Doreen Frost

~Welcome. Grab yourself a nice warm mug of cocoa, settle in and stay a while. I'm so pleased to have you here.~

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

~Robins In Winter~

WINTER HAS RETURNED TO VERMONT.  Goode Snowy Wednesday to you.  It would seem, that winter has finally found it's way back to Vermont after an extended vacation.  It seemed our January thaw lasted the whole of January!!!  It was crazy weather indeed. But yesterday a nor'easter arrived ....with piles of sleet, blizzard winds, freezing rain and  snow heralding in a change in weather patterns (so they say)...and February might just be more winter~like with normal temperatures and lots of snow!!!  Our snowshoes are itching to be taken out!

Yesterday, while the snow & sleet danced about on the blizzard winds and tiny birds flung past our windows, I was snug inside by the wood stove; candles burning, soup simmering, Downton Abbey playing and my hoop & needle.
~Robins In Winter~

I love it when I start a project and right away the colors are right.  I always color plan a design, choosing certain colors before I begin punching, but often, once things start to take shape & I see the colors together...  I change them as the piece speaks to me.  This time..right from the start.....the colors are perfect!!!

This antique postcard was my inspiration for this piece...isn't it wonderful.

I'm off now to do a bit of paperwork and then spend the afternoon with my hoop & needle :) Lovely day's indeed.  Tonight..Knitting class

Hugs, doreen

Saturday, January 21, 2017

~Folk Art Punch Needle Club~

Goode Saturday Morning To You. I am so pleased to announce that my Folk Art Punch Needle Club is now OPEN and ready for members. :) 

I am so very excited to finally have this ready.  I've truly have had so much fun designing and planning this and I hope you will all love it and enjoy the club as much as I do.

Here is how the club will work....

~Folk Art Punch Needle Club~  
(Photo to the left is the approx. size of the finished piece)

~One Year Membership~ 

Join me in creating this lovely Folk Art wall hanging adorned with early American Folk Art Motifs. Finished wall hanging, which includes a lovely welcome “topper”, four seasonal blocks and bottom banner, will measure approximately 10” x 21” when complete.  All designs will blend together, in look and color combination, to create one lovely wall hanging

Exclusive kit designs available only through membership and will not be available for purchase elsewhere. 

Full year membership includes SIX complete kits.  


Photo below illustrates how I will be designing the wall hanging.  You can see the welcome topper and below it you will find four sections, which I will design into seasonal elements and then the bottom banner will tie it all together :)

Kits will ship as follows; 
February ~ Topper
April ~ Block#1
June ~ Block #2
August ~ Block #3
October ~ Block #4
December ~ Bottom Banner

Each kit will include; 
1 Fat quarter piece of weavers cloth with preprinted template.
All necessary floss (Valdani & Moire’ Wool Threads)
Complete Pattern will full instructions, reusable template, color chart and full color photo’s
All decoratively packaged for your stitching pleasure. :~)

You will need to provide the following; Cameo Punch Needle (with both small and medium needle tips) 14” Morgan Locking Lip Hoop or gripper frame Floss holder & Needle Threader

**Designs will vary in sizes however, I will print each template on a fat ¼ piece of weavers cloth so you will only need to purchase one size hoop and/or frame :~) 
I've opened up a separate category, on the website, just for the club so its' easy to locate and find the information.  Just click on the tab in the top of the left hand column. :) I will also be opening up a new blog just for club members where we can meet, chat, ask questions and go over everything. :). 

Oh, I do hope you'll join us. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 

I'm always here. Hugs, Doreen 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Under The Weather........

Goode morning.  Just a quick note to let you all know..I'm still here but I am SICK.  A nasty cold with the sore throat from hell has had it's grips in me for two weeks now and instead of getting better, it seems to be getting worse.  Therefore....I must postpone today's website update. :( which, I am quite disappointed to have to do as I already am feeling behind and I had different plans for this New Year!!  I am thinking it will be safe to reschedule for Friday January 20th.

I am not one for going to the dr's..in fact I avoid it for as long as I possibly can..however, I've tried every home remedy and OTC med that usually work for me and NOTHING..this one has got it's claws into me big time. So....of to the dr's I go.... argh!!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!!  He was a wonderful, amazing man.

Until next time ~ doreen

Friday, January 6, 2017

~The Heart Of Winter~

Goode day my friends.  So very lovely to see you here in 2017!    I actually had intentions of writing this post for well over a week now however, each day began and ended without it happening.  But alas..here I am and I hope this "note" finds you well and enjoying the start of a lovely New Year after the last one closed with much warmth and enjoyment.  2016 ended just that way for us. The start of New Year however, has begun roughly...with my Dad finding himself in the hospital with another Lung Infection and complications...emphysema is a horrible..horrible disease that at times, seems like it toys with it's victims and their loved ones as it let's you enjoy goode health for months and months at a time and just when you & your loved one's begin to, perhaps, move it to the back of your minds...it suddenly yanks you back into it's horrid reality.  This time of year, in the heart of winter,  always finds Dad struggling with his disease..it's expected but still so very difficult.  We are however, SO very thankful that he is staying tough and shares another day with us.  

Speaking of The Heart Of Winter...my love of snow~folke does not end when Christmas time passes..as a matter of fact it only grows as winter holds us deeper in it's grasp.  The photo above will be part of my 3rd booklet..which I am trying desperately to put together as quickly as I can.  I am titling, this particular design, Robins In Winter and I just LOVE it.  This 3rd booklet will contain something for each season which I find quite exciting to work on.  I hope to have it ready for release in the next few weeks.

I also have quite a few other things happening in the studio......

.a wee hand stitched bear, 

the pattern & finished piece for Merry Olde St. Nicholas 

AND..finally....my Folk Art Punch Needle Club!!!

I BELIEVE I will have everything ready (except the book) by January 14th..:)

I am off now to tend the fire and get back to work.  It is COLD here in Vermont and last night's fresh dusting of snow is glittering like diamonds..Just perfect.

Until next time ~ wishing you joy ~ doreen

Saturday, December 24, 2016

~Christmas Time Is Here~

“I have always thought of Christmas time, when it has come round, as a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable time; the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely, and to think of people below them as if they really were fellow passengers to the grave, and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys.”

― Charles Dickens
Wishing you and yours a VERY MERRYE CHRISTMAS. ♥♥

Friday, December 9, 2016

~Tis Blustery Outside~

Goode BLUSTERY afternoon to you.  Olde man winter is paying us a visit, here in Vermont, today.  My goodness is it ever cold outside.  A frigid wind howls and blusters about, making the window wreaths sway and my Merry & Jolly Holiday sign bang and clatter on the porch post. Thankfully, all is snug & warm inside our little brown house.  The fire is burning & Little Women is playing as I wrap a few presents under the light of our glowing tree.  I've spaghetti sauce & homemade meatballs simmer on the stove and a loaf of crusty bread cooling on the counter.  As you can imagine, it smells quite heavenly in here.

This morning, I sent out the last of my orders and I am now..OFFICIALLY..on Christmas Holiday :).  I will, of course, still be sketching, planning and spending lots of wonderful and relaxing time with my hoop & needle in between wrapping and baking..goodness how I love this time of year.

Speaking of LOVE...I absolutely LOVE what I am working on right now!!!  It is a larger version of the Merry Olde St. Nicholas design, which I created for one of this years workshops.  This larger design will be a pattern in the current "book" I am working on called "When Winter Comes" and will include all things cozy and warm to keep you busy during those long winter months and ...a touch of spring :).  As I mentioned, this guy is a large one.  He is currently residing in my 17" hoop and is punched with two strands of floss and I am using several different needle depths.  I LOVE HIM!

I'm off now to brew a fresh pot of coffee and settle myself down with Merry Olde St. Nicholas and perhaps...A Christmas Carol :).

Wishing you a joyful and merry day ~ Doreen

Monday, December 5, 2016

~Let The Merriment Begin~

Glad Tidings & A VERY Merry Monday to you.  We wake, on this first day of the week, to a fresh blanket of snow.  Tis perfect and OH SO FESTIVE!!

IN THE STUDIO.....My final punch needle workshop of the year has come and gone. It was such an amazing season and so very wonderful to have had such lovely folks here in our home. Now on to planning next years workshops, classes, teaching schedule and all the other goode things I have in mind!! 

Today I am working on orders, that came in over the weekend, as well as a bit of time with my hoop & needle. :) So relaxing and wonderful. 

I wanted to give all of you a heads up to the following;  

**PLEASE NOTE....Vermont Harvest Folk Art will be CLOSED as of Wednesday, December 7th so that I may wrap myself in the merriment that abounds and prepare our home and ourselves for a wonderful CHRISTMAS. Tis time to wrap, bake, cook.... gather and make merry with our loved ones. Any orders received between now and Wednesday will be shipped out on Friday, December 9th and then my vacation shall officially begin. **My Etsy shop will also close on December 7th.**

I will still, be here, blogging but whilst baking...wrapping and making merry.

Wishing you all a wonderful and MERRY day ~ Doreen

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

~Thanksgiving Greetings~

I find that the more willing I am to be grateful for the small things in life, the bigger stuff just seems to show up from unexpected sources, and I am constantly looking forward to each day with all the surprises that keep coming my way!” ~ Louise L. Hay

Goode morning.  I am popping in early this Thanksgiving eve' to say how very grateful I am for all of you and the abundant blessings in our lives.  

A busy day is ahead...a morning of packing orders, a run to the post and then it's back home and much cooking and baking to do for tomorrow as we prepare for our home being filled, to the brim, with loved ones.



Tuesday, November 22, 2016

~Get Out Your Woolens~

Billows of smoke float through the frigid air as Icicles hang from the eve's.  Snow crunches under your feet & hangs heavy from branches and the baaing of sheep echo's through the valley as the snowplow rumbles by.  Just like that our world has become a winter wonderland as Olde Man Winter settles in.  Inside a cozy fire burns round the clock as the blustery wind does it's best to creep in through the doors and windows.  We bundle in our favorite woolens and simmer soup on the stove.  Christmas music plays and we enjoy a glass of wine and watch the snow fall.  As you can imagine....I am ever so pleased with our current weather and send out a wish for many more days such as this :).

Speaking of Woolens...Valdani Wool threads have arrived.  I wasn't able to capture the colors well this morning as our skies are dark and cloudy but they are a lovely shade of green, red and yarrow.  I can not wait to give them a try.

The last couple of days have been VERY busy pouring beeswax and filling orders.  After today I should be all caught up and everyone's order will be on their way!!!

Off to work I go.  Until next time.  Enjoy the day ~ Doreen

Friday, November 11, 2016

As The North Wind Howls

The north wind howls and blusters about, slamming itself against our windows and ripping the cornstalks from the porch and mailbox.  In the field across the road,  the small forgotten few sway as if they are dancing.  Birds and squirrels battle for a spot at the feeders, feathers and fur fluffed against the cold.  Inside, a toasty fire burns, candles glow and Season 1 of Downton Abbey plays.   

One of my favorite customers, from Northern Vermont, just called and told me it is snowing "Bing Crosby snow" at her house.  She is so very sweet..we have much in common and she honors me with her calls.  She does not have internet, as it is not available in the far reaches of Vermont in which she and her husband live, so she travels to their local library to visit my website.  You can not imagine how special that makes me feel.  It truly humbles me.

I've a busy day ahead...a run to the post office & grocery store and then it is back home to melt & pour beeswax for Monday evenings web show.  Corn chowder to make then a batch of pumpkin cinnamon rolls, which I promised my husband I would make him, for the start of hunting season tomorrow morning.  Later, a relaxing evening with my hoop & needle.

Before I go..I wanted to share the final finish for my next upcoming Punch Needle workshop.  *Winter Blessings*..I LOVE how she came to life.  She does have a halo tho you are not able to see it in the photo :(.  She is ever so sweet and I think our workshop ladies will quite enjoy creating her.

I'm off now to put another log (or two) on the fire and run my errands.

Until next time ~ Wishing you joy. Doreen♥**

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

~It Should Be Snowing~

 Each year,  I patiently await the arrival of our first snow storm (that's an outright lie...I am not the least bit patient about it)..I day dream and wish and greatly anticipate it's slow arrival.  Oddly enough, a couple of weeks ago I said to Mark, "Time goes by so very fast these days, we'll have snow before you know it!!!" An odd statement for me to be sure!  Today, our skies are dark and a cold drizzle is falling but I'm thinking..It should be snow!!!  I guess i'm not waiting so patiently after all :)

So anyway...while I wait, somewhat patiently, for our first big SNOW *I am merrily working on festive Yuletide ornaments.  Let me just say, before I go any further...I LOVE Thanksgiving,  and I, in no way, think that getting ready for Christmas now..blogging, creating, decorating, planning, being excited about it, what have you....takes anything away from the wonderful Holiday of Thanksgiving.  TO me...Thanksgiving is still it's own holiday but (for me at least) it is part of the Holiday Season!!  When I wish someone a joyous holiday season..I mean Thanksgiving & Christmas.  It's such a wonderful time of year..there should be no rules as to when folks are allowed to start celebrating!  

And now..back to my festive Yuletide Ornaments.

I have wanted this mold for years!!!!  It took me several years to locate one & then, the darn thing was so expensive I just couldn't talk myself into purchasing it. I have finally done it!  When it came in the mail it was truly like Christmas day for me I was so excited!!!  I will begin offering these during my Yuletide Web Show on November 14th in three lovely colors; 

 Olde Red, shown in the photo below as well as Hearth Brown (a deep brown) & Chimney Dust (a soft tan)...I am working on Winter White but I am having trouble with that one so we will see.  Each will be in my new amazing scent I am calling Winter Hearth..oh my word, it smells amazing.  A combination of vanilla bean, coffee, maple, gingerbread ,wood smoke and a couple of secret scents :).  They will also include a little rusty wire hanger and an aged and waxed tag that says "Merry" :)..I JUST LOVE THEM!
 I hope you will be as excited about them as I am :)

I'm off now ti make myself a cup of cocoa and make another batch of Apple Crisp..oh my goodness it is so good!!

Until next time ~ wishing you joy ~ Doreen

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

~My Olde Fashioned Gingerbread Cookie Recipe &...a story :)~

~The Bakeshop On Walden Street~

Anna buttoned her coat and wrapped her wool scarf more securely about her neck as she gazed out the window at the heavily falling snow.  "What a perfect day for baking" she thought, as she closed her door and scurried down the street to her bake shop.  It was still dark, yet the falling snow seemed to create the illusion of a later hour.  She smiled, seeing smoke billowing from her neighbor*s chimneys, their glowing candles and lanterns giving their frosted windows a beautiful and festive golden glow. 
After a short walk Anna reached the shop. She stood outside in the falling snow and admired the view into her cozy little shop through the big front window.  A small fire, lit by the night baker, burned warmly in the hearth and illuminated the young Fir tree donned with paper chains, popcorn and peppermint sticks.  A small wooden table stood next to a cozy high backed arm chair and held a beeswax candle, a plate of gingerbread cookies and a mug of hot cocoa.  Anna smiled, unlocked the door and stepped inside the cozy well-appointed shop, savoring the delicious smells, warmth and soft jingle of the sleigh bells hung on the door..  She hung her woolens in the coat closet, donned her apron and prepared herself for a lovely day of baking; first on her to do list this morning, Gingerbread Cookies.  By doreen frost

~Doreen’s Olde Fashioned Gingerbread Cookie Recipe~
1/2 cup Butter
1/2 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Molasses
1/4 cup strong brewed coffee
2 1/2 cups Flour
1/2 tsp. Baking Soda
1/4 tsp. Nutmeg
3/4 tsp. Salt
3/4 tsp. Ginger
1/8 tsp. Allspice
Preheat oven to 375* Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.  Add the coffee and molasses and mix until well combined.  Combine the remaining ingredients in a separate bowl and sift to combine. 
Stir into wet ingredients just until well incorporated as these cookies can get over-worked fairly quickly  Roll out mixture* onto floured board to 1/4 inch thickness.  Cut with favorite cookie cutter, place on ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes until a light golden color (be careful not to over bake).  Immediately remove from oven onto a cooling rack.  Cool completely.

*If you do not feel like going through the rolling out and cutting, simply roll into small balls then roll in white or brown sugar and bake as above.  I make these cookies year round and other than Christmas time, this is how I make them.

Until next time ~ wishing you a merrye day.  Doreen 

**Excerpt from "Brown Paper Packages" ~A Collection Of Original Short Stories, Patterns, Recipes, Traditions & Thoughts For An Olde Fashioned Holiday~  Available on My Website.